Virtual Reference Service

Terms of virtual reference service of Odesa National Scientific Library

Virtual Reference is a service that answers the ad hoc queries of remote users (individual and collective).

  • Anyone can use the service.
  • Requests are accepted during the week and performed according to the receipt. On weekends and holidays, requests will not be accepted.
  • Request is sent to the archive made ​​inquiries within 3 hours.
  • Deadline requests - from 1 to 3 working days depending on the complexity of the query.
  • Number of requests that can be made ​​for one user, one request per day.
  • The request must contain just one question. If the query contains multiple questions, a specialist to his own choice, provides an answer to one of them.
  • Amount of sources not more than 10 titles per one query.

How to ask a question:

  • Before you ask a question, we suggest that you contact the archive of completed reports, perhaps there you will find the answer to your query.
  • To submit a request, please fill in this form and articulate questions.
  • Ukrainian, Russian or English can be used.

How to get the answer:

  • Answer to your query will be in the archive made ​​references. To do this you need to enter your search, or use Thematic content.
  • Please note that the information about your email address is confidential. It is necessary to contact you (request for clarification) and search archive ​​references.

What question can be put:

  • Thematic queries;
  • Requests for clarification of bibliographic data ;
  • Factual inquiries;
  • Address-bibliographic queries that indicate the presence or absence of the documents in the collections of the Library.

Requests that are not accepted:

  • Incorrect questions.
  • Educational problems associated with the translation of texts, solving problems, providing finished essays, term papers, etc..
  • Entertainment purposes (solving quizzes, crosswords, etc.) or commercial purposes (search for goods and services, price comparison, etc.).
  • Questions that violate any laws.